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JT Agro is a fast-growing,
post-patent, crop protection company providing generic products.


We aim take a simple and flexible approach to fulfill the important steps in meeting the world’s future food challenges. We invest in a portfolio of registered products starting from technical synthesis, formulation development to regulatory compliance. Moreover, we continue to invest in R&D to create new solutions, as we strongly believe that crop science, coupled with new technology will together lead us to harmony.

Considering the loss of popular pesticides due to increased regulatory scrutiny, our subsidiary company, Cropthetics Ltd, is focusing to bring to market, in quick time, the latest solutions which have come off-patent. This ensures that farmer’s have access to more cost-effective generic products which are of the same quality, which in-turn reduces their crop investment.


In this world, there is room for everyone and the good Earth is rich; so we always keep in mind to care for our environment. We all want to live by each other’s well-being, and create an environment which gives our future generations a decent world to grow in.

A Family Owned Group

A Family Owned Group

Active substances manufactured by our company









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JT Agro is fast-growing.

Cropthetics Ltd is the 100% subsidiary of JT Agro Ltd.

It is the marketing arm for the registrations held in Europe. Cropthetics offers European based distributors generic priced products whilst maintaining the highest of quality. Cropthetics has the backing of not only a formulation plant but an active ingredient plant too within the family-owned group; which enables our group to shorten the supply and value chain.

We will provide the best possible service to our existing and potential customers, by bringing them closer to the manufacturer of the goods.

We are fully committed to the European market and treat it with top priority and therefore, have engaged in dedicated country managers focused solely on introducing our products, our business philosophy and provide excellent service to our existing and potential partners.


Widecover was the first company to be founded in 1997 within the group. It’s key role was to act as a major sourcing partner in the Global Agrochemical Industry. Widecover provides effective financial solutions too and is known for the sourcing of products from different countries and regions to channel them into group companies and eventually create products with effective and reasonable prices. Our sourcing teams based in both India and China are deeply connected to the supply chain.


JT Agro

JT Agro Ltd launched its operations in 2015 with the core focus of providing formulated products to the European market. The company continuously invests in innovative mixtures for registrations at Annex 2 and Annex 3 levels. Currently the company holds 81 registrations in 11 countries, with over 100 registrations in the pipeline across 18 countries. Not only does JT Agro invest in obtaining registrations but also has a commitment to protect, maintain and prolong its existing registrations; so that its brands are continuously active in Europe for our distribution partners to sell.


JT Grosvenor

JT Grovenor is a UK based formulation plant in the industry of chemicals and plant protection products. In 2019, the previous trade name “Grosvenor Chemicals” became JT Grosvenor Ltd and continue their reputation of being experts in Agchem formulations for over 30 years. The current production portfolio focuses heavily on suspension concentrates, emulsion concentrates and powder blending across a wide range of fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. JT Grosvenor is investing in other forms of formulations, besides the ones mentioned above.


Cropthetics Nutrition

Besides the niche business of crop protection, our family-owned group have identified nutrition as their core focus as this market is valued much higher than the crop protection market. Keeping the importance of nutrition in focus, Cropthetics Nutrition was founded to provide newer technologies such as biological products, water soluble fertilizers and micronutrients to farmers across the globe. We have set-up a state of the art manufacturing plant in Bangalore, India – dedicated for this portfolio.


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